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When Anti Slip Floor Is The Star Of The Party

With elderly parents and young children to think about, getting an anti slip floor was an absolute necessity when it came to arranging a family pool party. Thinking Ahead With my husband`s birthday coming up, I planned on inviting the whole family over for a surprise barbecue and pool party to celebrate. We love hanging […]

Slips, Falls and Long-Term Health Consequences

Slips and falls are mostly result in bruise, sprain or fracture. Injuries are usually the outcome of carelessness on your part whether  you are inside or outside of your home or workplace. Slips, trips and falls are the second leading cause of workplace injuries, accounting for over 20% of all injuries. Slips and trips result in […]

Why Anti Slip Surfacing is Important?

anti slip ship deck

Slippery surfaces are very dangerous especially when your working environment is hazardous such as the ramp of a boat, pedestrian bridge or even a fast food kitchen . This is the reason anti slip surfacing is so vital: it protects everybody, even in moist or frigid conditions.

Having an anti slip surfacing is essential for any flooring application, regardless of whether it be in the home, business premises or modern distribution centers and processing plants. Why? Simply, safety. The prevention of any slip  occurrence depends significantly on a slip-resistant floor,  and that is the reason anti slip surfacing  is so critical.

Two contextual investigations  where anti slip surfacing is especially significant

Working places that can benefit drastically from the expansion of anti slip surfacing are vessels, scaffolds and pedestrian bridges. Frigid conditions can make bridge surfaces  very slippery for cyclists and  pedestrians, however anti slip surfacing  will  allow them to  ride or walk  across the bridge easily. With regards to boat ramps, regardless of whether the boat is a cruise ship or a cargo vessel, it is inescapable that the conditions will be    somewhat moist  at any time of year. In addition, boats can be  unsteady  even when moored and  dockyards and harbours can have dangers all around. In  a working dockyard  where staff are carting heavy loads on and away from the boats, a slip can possibly be a real threat to their  wellbeing. . Identifying hazards and putting preventative measures in place to keep staff and general public safe, is good business practice.

Types of successful anti slip surfacing

Great anti slip surfacing works by enhancing your hold on the surface, however there are different approaches to do this.  All non slip surfaces will have two key properties in like manner:  enhanced traction and non skid capabilities.

One straightforward approach to make a surface slip safe is to blend grit into the paint or other covering that you use over the surface. This normally keeps the surface from being excessively smooth and dangerous.

New concrete surfaces can be acid washed to give a textured finish

Tiled floors can have an anti-slip treatment applied to the surfaces to increase the co-efficient friction of the surface to making it slip resistant.

Looking for a more transitory slip resistance arrangement? There are a lot of slip safe mats accessible available. These can essentially be unrolled and set on  a ramp or  walkway .


Additional well-being and security means  that can be taken

Supplement your anti slip surfaces by thoroughly signposting any zones that are especially risky with regards to slip and trip dangers. Influence other people going to the place to wear  appropriate footwear, i.e. workboots  or shoes  with slip resistant soles .


Now, you can execute anti slip surfaces effortlessly

There are various kinds of anti slip  products that you can use, and it is vital to pick the  product that will best fit the specific condition you are working with. Dockyards which are wet and frosty, for instance, will require inclines with well-built non slip surfaces, while straight walkways in raised positions may benefit by a little change.

Why Choose Floor Doctor?

warehouse accident

Have you ever seen somebody  slip and fall? Have you slipped and fell and pondered: How did that happen? While it may be the case that you weren’t watching your step, it could likewise be that the floor was somewhat wet and super dangerous. Commonly, that is the situation.

Slip or Falls are in reality extremely unsafe. The most number of Non-Vehicular deaths in the globe are really caused by Slip and Falls. These falls can cause serious harm, particularly to  elderly individuals.  Injuries can be costly and in some instances cannot  be cured. By taking different measures these slips or falls can be anticipated.

There can be  many reasons behind the elusive floors and  no advanced science is required to figure it out. A portion of the explanations behind elusive floor are oil or other elusive synthetic compounds, microorganisms, or cleaning strategies which are not appropriate. The easy method  is to apply an anti-slip treatment to the floor surface to make it  slip resistant.

Organisations sued  due to somebody slipping and falling on their property will credit it to age, sexual orientation, obliviousness and mischance inclination among others, as their protection. Your loved ones are being injured  due to the slippery floor surfaces.

Numerous  large organisations are looking for solutions to avoid being sued for accidents that happen to individuals on their property because of slippery  floor surfaces. Indeed, even at homes, families are thinking about preventives to enable their homes to be a protected situation for family and visitors without the stress over slipping, stumbling and falling with broken bones or more regrettable injuries.

Floor Doctor has practical experience in averting  slip-and-fall accidents. Slip-and-fall injuries can be traumatic and/or life-changing, especially for  elderly and vulnerable citizens. Be that as it may, the truth of the matter is, both youthful and  elderly people are powerless to the great damage of slip-and-fall  injuries. However there are simple and  inexpensive steps that can be taken to decrease the probability of terrible injury. Keep in mind, after a fall occurs, it’s too late to engage in slip-prevention. The time to prevent a fall is before it happens!

With Floor Doctor’s anti-slip floor treatment, you can decrease the likelihood of slipping on your floors with our different slip resistant solutions professionally mixed for each type of flooring, whether ceramic, porcelain, quarry tile, granite, marble, travertine, limestone, concrete, and others to give you  excellent results. Our strategy allows ‘excellent’ traction on wet flooring and, the  great news is,  the anti-slip treatment won’t affect the stylishness of the  floor surface.

We have the best well-trained operators to assess floor safety needs to assist with compliance with OH&S, building codes and Australian Standards using an ASM 825 Digital Slip Meter.

Floor Doctor implements the most advanced anti-slip products and services available in the world including anti-slip floor treatments, tactile for the visually impaired, non-slip stair nosings and slip resistant concrete sealers. We provide on-going advice and maintenance through our Maintenance program. We provide cost-effective anti-slip floor safety solutions combined with helpful, friendly and efficient service.

We  offer several services  including Anti Slip Tile Treatment, Anti Slip Tapes & Paints, Slip Test Registered Readings AUS/NZ Std, Commercial Maintenance Cleaners, Anti Slip Metal Stair Edge Nosings, Anti Slip Mats, Tactile, and Strip & Sealing All Hard Floors. We also provide Ongoing Maintenance Programs, Stripping & Sealing of Hard Floor Surfaces, Tile & Grout Cleaning and High Pressure Waterblasting for External Cleaning. We  give 2 years written warranty for Anti-slip Treatments (conditions apply).  The best part is the treatment is simple,  inexpensive and gives great results.

Call us on 1300 796 478 or email us at floordoctor@optusnet.com.au now for more information.

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