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Anti Slip Floor Services In The Sunshine Coast Brought My Business Up To Health and Safety Standards

I began a business three years ago which quickly picked up and it soon became necessary for me to move out of our study at home and look for bigger premises with room for additional staff and a storage space for stock.  With a small budget, the buildings I was looking at were run down and since the product I sell is clothing I ideally needed somewhere clean and fresh. As such, when I took on the tenancy of one of these spaces I ensured I would be able to do a complete top-to-bottom clean and upgrade of anything which needed doing, and the landlord even agreed to pay for it.  It was then that I began my search for anti slip floor services in the Sunshine Coast.


With all the pools in this part of the world, you would assume that finding anti slip floor services in the Sunshine Coast would be a fairly simple job, but it was a bit of a minefield, finding a company which I felt would be able to do justice to such a run down space.  I was looking for a company who could show that their work met up to the OH&S /Australian standards because I now had employees whose safety I had to ensure.

Damage Assessments

Eventually, I came across Floor Doctor who specifically offered anti slip floor services in the Sunshine Coast. I spoke to them directly, explaining the rather dire situation with my dirty and damp flooring, and they decided to come and asses our damages and safety needs in person.  The Floor Doctor experts suggested they do a strip and seal treatment to give the floors a deep clean, and then an anti slip treatment so as to keep me and my new employees safe.

The quote I was given by this very professional company offering anti slip floor services in the Sunshine Coast was very reasonable for the level of work which needed doing and as such, we went ahead and booked them and they got started on the job within days.

What A Difference

Upon completion I was amazed!  The floors were shiny and fresh and as such the whole space seemed bright and new.  It looked like a brand new office and the storage space also looked fantastic and ready for the stock to be hung.

Before using Floor Doctor’s anti slip floor services in the Sunshine Coast I was worried I had made a mistake leasing this particular office, but with the flooring refreshed, I have been able to make it my own and I am so proud of it.  Now I feel comfortable bringing clients into my office and they always mention what a lovely, bright, clean space we have.

Meeting The Standards With Peace Of Mind

Best of all, since I was a little nervous about becoming an employer and making sure that I was meeting all the health and safety standard requirements, I am so thankful for the great services from Floor Doctor who put my mind at ease as I get started on this exciting new business journey!

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Anti Slip Floor Company In the Sunshine Coast Gave Us Peace Of Mind

Our premier day spa has been used and loved by our customers for over a decade and we are proud to have created a warm and friendly environment where everyone who enters feels relaxed and ready to enjoy a day of rest.  For the safety of our clientele, we take great care in ensuring we adhere to every aspect of Occupational Health and Safety building codes and Australian Standards within our buildings and facilities, and have them regularly checked accordingly.  So when the changing room floors and the swimming pool surround was flagged up as potentially having some cause for concern we immediately consulted Floor Doctor, a well respected anti slip floor company in the Sunshine Coast for support.


The operators at Floor Doctor assessed the safety of the potentially hazardous floors in question and did a slip test registered reading.  They found that the tiles were indeed falling into a lower slip resistance classification than they should have been and that work was required to bring them up to standard right away.

We were assured that the job would not take too long so we booked them in and shut down these particular areas overnight whilst the work was being done.  We were very pleased to have this option rather than closing the pool and changing rooms off during the day which would have caused great disturbances to our business and the enjoyment of our clients.

Overnight Success

Over night, the guys at Floor Doctor, this fantastic anti slip floor company in the Sunshine Coast, used their highly respected anti slip products to bring our spa’s aquatic facilities back in line with OH&S standards and you really could tell the difference once the work had been done!

Before booking in the work, we asked whether they could do a couple of other jobs whilst they were there and, like true professionals, they were happy to assist.   We requested that they lift a few of the original tiles and place in some tactiles for the benefit of our visually impaired clientele as well doing a general high pressure cleaning of the remaining pool floors, both internally and externally, to lift the look, feel and hygiene of the whole facility.

Fresh and Safe

We were thrilled with the result as the pools looked bright and fresh the next day and even though the added friction from the new slip resistant tiles was only a subtle change to how it felt before, a couple of our older clients mentioned to our girls at reception how much better the flooring felt to walk on, which was a fantastic result!

We are extremely pleased that we went with this local, friendly and professional anti slip floor company in the Sunshine Coast.  Floor Doctor are now continuing with an ongoing monitoring program with us which includes regular floor resistance checks and a comprehensive cleaning schedule.  So now we are not only offering our customers the best service we can offer, and in beautiful hygienic surroundings, but we are also keeping them safe from dangerous slips, trips and falls, which is so importance to us.  Using this anti slip floor company in the Sunshine Coast has given us a real peace of mind and we wouldn’t go anywhere else!

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Safety Comes First For Floor Doctor – The Anti Slip Floor Company In Queensland

This anti slip floor company in Queensland made us feel that the safety of our kids was as important to them as it is to us when they treated our slippery tiled floors.


It’s The Little Things Which Make The Difference

Like the majority of people who fall in love when viewing a house, we bought our property without really considering the slip resistance of the kitchen and bathroom tiles!

It was only once we had moved in and had begun to live in the property that we soon discovered lots of little quirks and issues which needed seeing to and putting right, including just how slippery the floors were in the tiled rooms.

No DIY For Us

We are based in Brisbane so began our search for an anti-slip floor company in Queensland.  We discovered that there was a lot of do-it-yourself products out there on the market, but we knew that with a young family to protect and keep safe from slips, trips and falls, we wanted an actual anti slip floor company in Queensland to come to our home and do it for us.  We would rather be safe than sorry and we could never forgive ourselves if one of our kids slipped after we had done an off the shelf floor treatment.  At least this way, we knew the job would be done professionally and to the highest possible safety standard.

When we found the anti slip floor company in Queensland called Floor Doctor we knew that we had hit the jackpot.  Not only did they work on a commercial scale alongside smaller private jobs meaning that they really knew their trade, they also offered the guarantee that a floor is “anti-slip or its free”, so we felt confident that they were going to do a great job!

Feeling Confident In The Service

We called them right away and found them to be extremely helpful and efficient.  They were able to come round within forty eight hours to get started and we were so relieved!  Our toddler had already slipped a number of times when walking in socks into the tiled kitchen, and our older boy had nearly slipped over coming out the bath a few times, so even though it may not have been a big job, it was an important one and the Floor Doctor specialists who did the job made us feel that the safety of our children on these dangerous floors was as crucial to them as it is to us, which was very refreshing.

We were thrilled with the results which the Floor Doctor specialists achieved and since the treatment was completed we have felt far more relaxed in our own home knowing that the little ones are safe.  Of course, they might still take a tumble now and again – what kid doesn’t?  But at least we have the peace of mind of knowing that we have done all we can do to stop it happening and that feeling is priceless.

Safe and Compliant Restaurant

The Floor Doctor, An Anti Slip Floor Company In Queensland, Helped Make Our Restaurants Safe and Compliant

We own a small, family-run chain of successful restaurants all around Queensland.  When we opened the first one fifteen years ago, the safety standards were very different to how they are today and we really needed the support of the knowledgeable professionals of a well reputed anti slip floor company in Queensland to bring us back up to date and compliant to the Australian safety laws and regulations.


Safety First

As a professional business, the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers had always been at the forefront of our minds and as each new restaurant opened we were always careful to make sure that we chose appropriate flooring for the different areas of the buildings we were in, or else we looked at ways to enhance the safety of the current flooring already in place.

The Realisation!

In spite of this and our on-going care to try to keep up to date with all of the Occupational Health and Safety measures required for a business such as ours, we had an unfortunate incident a couple of years back when one of our staff members slipped in the kitchen.  Thankfully they were not badly injured but it made us realise that even though the floors had all been treated when we first moved into each building, (where appropriate), the treatment itself would not last forever.

This had not occurred to us!  We believed it to be a one-time requirement, but after this scare, we began quickly searching for an anti slip floor company in Queensland to give us some help and advice.

Getting Up To Date And Compliant

The Floor Doctor came up in our research for an anti slip floor company in Queensland and we were pleased to see that, as part of their commercial services they would come to each of our sites and assess the floor safety requirements which were needed to help us remain compliant with OH&S and Australian standards.

Since then, with their advice and on-going regular maintenance of all of our floors over the past couple of years, we have dramatically reduced the risk of future accidents for both staff and customers and they have also ensured that we are compliant to the law.

Compliant, Not Complacent

We are so thankful to this brilliant anti slip floor company in Queensland for keeping our family run restaurants safe and secure for everyone through being a part of their on-going Maintenance Programme.  This provides us with their professional advice as well as the required regular maintenance we need which would be so easy to forget or overlook in the hectic world of restaurant ownership.

It was a real eye-opener the day we realised that our floors hadn’t been as safe as we thought, and it is a real weight off our minds to know that all of our restaurants are safe and compliant all year round.

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Floor Doctor Anti Slip Services Ideal For Safe Family Living

Floor Doctor Anti Slip Services Ideal For Safe Family Living

It was a high priority to us to book in some anti slip services for our new home pool as quickly as possible when we first moved in, and doing so has been so beneficial for us as a family.  


We recently moved into our dream home on the Sunshine Coast with a young family of three kids aged between four and ten.  Coming from apartment living, part of the reason it was our ideal home was because of the beautiful pool in the backyard.  It was one of the top items on our list of ‘must-haves’ when we started house hunting, and when we saw it we just knew we had found our new home.  There was a lot of space around the pool which was what we really wanted because we love entertaining friends and family, so we knew we wanted to deck it out with a large table and chairs, as well as some loungers and a small bar area.

Safety First

Before the sale went through, we had been given the necessary pool safety certificate, but naturally once we moved in we wanted to take the precaution of sorting some good cleaning and anti slip services so as to ensure that the pool and its surrounding gardens were looking beautiful and were totally safe for the kids.

Fast and Efficient

The children were desperate to play in the pool from the first day we moved, but we knew we wanted to have everything cleaned properly and made safe before we allowed them in so it became highly time sensitive for us to hire someone in to do the work.

I contacted the Floor Doctor within a week of moving in and booked their highly recommend anti slip services, and we were so glad we did.  Their quote form gives you the option to let them know how urgent your job is, so naturally, I put high!! These kids needed their pool safe and ready for use, and before we knew it, the brilliant Floor Doctor operators were at the house and getting to grips with our much needed anti slip services, plus high-pressure cleaning.

The guys were so efficient, professional and friendly.  They totally understood our urgency and worked fast but carefully to ensure every inch of the floor was cleaned and made slip free.

Safe and Happy Family

Almost the moment they were gone the kids were straight in the water which was such a dream come true to see.  They were so excited and thrilled and they stayed in the pool until nightfall playing and laughing.  The best part was that we knew that they were totally safe from trips, slips and falls which was a real relief.

Now, thanks to the Floor Doctor, we are looking ahead to the summer holidays as we begin to create the luxurious and safe outdoor entertainment space which we have been looking forward to having in our backyard for years, and we are so excited.

Anti Slip Solution

Slips, Falls and Long-Term Health Consequences

Slips and falls are mostly result in bruise, sprain or fracture. Injuries are usually the outcome of carelessness on your part whether  you are inside or outside of your home or workplace. Slips, trips and falls are the second leading cause of workplace injuries, accounting for over 20% of all injuries.

Slips and trips result in thousands of injuries each year with the most common injuries being musculoskeletal. Cuts, bruises, fractures, dislocations and more serious injuries also occur.

Globally, slips, trips and falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury and death after traffic accidents.  In Australia, deaths from slips and falls are five times more prevalent than deaths due to a fire.  The two top places where slips, trips and falls occur are in the home and in nursing / retirement home facilities.

Messy work spaces, floors that are poorly maintained, unnoticed objects, obstructed views or poorly lit stairwells could cause personal injury. Slipping may also  occur due to shiny or slippery floors, food and liquid spills,  unexpected changes in floor surfaces, inappropriate drainage and not wearing appropriate footwear. Careless use of ladders or chairs, irregular floor surfaces,  inadequate lighting in stairways or hallways and poor access to storage racking  are hazards that may result   in trip or slip injuries.

Recovery from these  injuries can be a slow, painful process.

Debilitating health consequences caused by slip and fall accidents include:

  • Hip and pelvis fractures
  • Head/BrainInjuries
  • Back, neck and spine injuries
  • Torn tendons and ligaments

A serious pelvic fracture is likely to need lengthy physical therapy and rehabilitation. Recovery times also depend on what other damage has occurred. When the fracture runs through the hip socket this can leave the hip joint working less well and can affect mobility too.

Traumatic brain injuries require major care assistance for recovery  and can result   in memory, cognitive, behavioral and mobility complications.

Back, neck and spine injuries  are painful and challenging to treat and can result in broken back, slipped disk, or other injury that may  require surgery and lengthy rehabilitation. A painful and long term injury that involves torn tendons and ligaments often involves physical therapy and/or surgery.  People with these types of injuries may  endure  long-term chronic pain and some may never return to normal.


Wel Floor Caution

Why Anti Slip Surfacing is Important?

anti slip ship deck

Slippery surfaces are very dangerous especially when your working environment is hazardous such as the ramp of a boat, pedestrian bridge or even a fast food kitchen . This is the reason anti slip surfacing is so vital: it protects everybody, even in moist or frigid conditions.

Having an anti slip surfacing is essential for any flooring application, regardless of whether it be in the home, business premises or modern distribution centers and processing plants. Why? Simply, safety. The prevention of any slip  occurrence depends significantly on a slip-resistant floor,  and that is the reason anti slip surfacing  is so critical.

Two contextual investigations  where anti slip surfacing is especially significant

Working places that can benefit drastically from the expansion of anti slip surfacing are vessels, scaffolds and pedestrian bridges. Frigid conditions can make bridge surfaces  very slippery for cyclists and  pedestrians, however anti slip surfacing  will  allow them to  ride or walk  across the bridge easily. With regards to boat ramps, regardless of whether the boat is a cruise ship or a cargo vessel, it is inescapable that the conditions will be    somewhat moist  at any time of year. In addition, boats can be  unsteady  even when moored and  dockyards and harbours can have dangers all around. In  a working dockyard  where staff are carting heavy loads on and away from the boats, a slip can possibly be a real threat to their  wellbeing. . Identifying hazards and putting preventative measures in place to keep staff and general public safe, is good business practice.

Types of successful anti slip surfacing

Great anti slip surfacing works by enhancing your hold on the surface, however there are different approaches to do this.  All non slip surfaces will have two key properties in like manner:  enhanced traction and non skid capabilities.

One straightforward approach to make a surface slip safe is to blend grit into the paint or other covering that you use over the surface. This normally keeps the surface from being excessively smooth and dangerous.

New concrete surfaces can be acid washed to give a textured finish

Tiled floors can have an anti-slip treatment applied to the surfaces to increase the co-efficient friction of the surface to making it slip resistant.

Looking for a more transitory slip resistance arrangement? There are a lot of slip safe mats accessible available. These can essentially be unrolled and set on  a ramp or  walkway .


Additional well-being and security means  that can be taken

Supplement your anti slip surfaces by thoroughly signposting any zones that are especially risky with regards to slip and trip dangers. Influence other people going to the place to wear  appropriate footwear, i.e. workboots  or shoes  with slip resistant soles .


Now, you can execute anti slip surfaces effortlessly

There are various kinds of anti slip  products that you can use, and it is vital to pick the  product that will best fit the specific condition you are working with. Dockyards which are wet and frosty, for instance, will require inclines with well-built non slip surfaces, while straight walkways in raised positions may benefit by a little change.