When Anti Slip Floor Is The Star Of The Party


With elderly parents and young children to think about, getting an anti slip floor was an absolute necessity when it came to arranging a family pool party.

Thinking Ahead

With my husband`s birthday coming up, I planned on inviting the whole family over for a surprise barbecue and pool party to celebrate. We love hanging out around our sun drenched pool but since it`s usually just the four of us who use it-myself, my husband and our two kids – the appearance of the place rarely factored in. But suddenly, with our entire extended family coming over and some of them seeing the place for the very first time, I became very aware of, (and embarrassed by), the dirty build up around the pool, seating area and between the tiles of the pool itself, and I knew my husband would hate for his family to see it looking like that!

Aside from the look of the area, I began thinking about how I could get the place ready for the family by also considering the safety of the pool itself. My sister has two young children under seven, my husband has three nieces and nephews under ten, plus my parents-in-law are getting a little unstable on their feet too. It was becoming clear to me that safety in terms of achieving an anti slip floor would be crucial if this party was to be a success.

The Deciding Factor

It became even more apparent that I must get the tiling and flooring seen to when my little girl slipped and grazed her knee right at the edge of the pool when having a water gun fight with  her brother. Watching her fall made me really panic and, there and then, I began researching local companies for someone who could help me prepare the pool for the party!

Whilst doing my research, a couple of neighbors mentioned that they had an anti slip floor treatment done on and around their own pools by Floor Doctor, so I began researching them.

Their anti slip floor tile treatment sounded perfect for around the pool itself, along with new anti slip mats leading up to the pool stairs, tile and grout cleaning, and pressure water blasting around the table and chair area to lift the look of the entire area and get it party ready and safe!

Personalized, Professional Care

I had a few weeks until the party, but I was still limited on when I could get the anti slip floor work done because I wanted it finished right before everyone was due to ensure it stayed safe and picture perfect for the big reveal when my husband walked through the door.

I emailed the company and explained the situation. I gave them the date of the party and I was thrilled when they said they could come early on the day and do the whole job, leaving plenty of time for me to decorate before everyone arrived.

The party went without a hitch, the photos looked amazing and my husband had a brilliant time. Best of all, we could all relax knowing that the kids were safe from slips and falls around the pool.

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