Safety Comes First For Floor Doctor – The Anti Slip Floor Company In Queensland

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This anti slip floor company in Queensland made us feel that the safety of our kids was as important to them as it is to us when they treated our slippery tiled floors.


It’s The Little Things Which Make The Difference

Like the majority of people who fall in love when viewing a house, we bought our property without really considering the slip resistance of the kitchen and bathroom tiles!

It was only once we had moved in and had begun to live in the property that we soon discovered lots of little quirks and issues which needed seeing to and putting right, including just how slippery the floors were in the tiled rooms.

No DIY For Us

We are based in Brisbane so began our search for an anti-slip floor company in Queensland.  We discovered that there was a lot of do-it-yourself products out there on the market, but we knew that with a young family to protect and keep safe from slips, trips and falls, we wanted an actual anti slip floor company in Queensland to come to our home and do it for us.  We would rather be safe than sorry and we could never forgive ourselves if one of our kids slipped after we had done an off the shelf floor treatment.  At least this way, we knew the job would be done professionally and to the highest possible safety standard.

When we found the anti slip floor company in Queensland called Floor Doctor we knew that we had hit the jackpot.  Not only did they work on a commercial scale alongside smaller private jobs meaning that they really knew their trade, they also offered the guarantee that a floor is “anti-slip or its free”, so we felt confident that they were going to do a great job!

Feeling Confident In The Service

We called them right away and found them to be extremely helpful and efficient.  They were able to come round within forty eight hours to get started and we were so relieved!  Our toddler had already slipped a number of times when walking in socks into the tiled kitchen, and our older boy had nearly slipped over coming out the bath a few times, so even though it may not have been a big job, it was an important one and the Floor Doctor specialists who did the job made us feel that the safety of our children on these dangerous floors was as crucial to them as it is to us, which was very refreshing.

We were thrilled with the results which the Floor Doctor specialists achieved and since the treatment was completed we have felt far more relaxed in our own home knowing that the little ones are safe.  Of course, they might still take a tumble now and again – what kid doesn’t?  But at least we have the peace of mind of knowing that we have done all we can do to stop it happening and that feeling is priceless.

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