The Floor Doctor, An Anti Slip Floor Company In Queensland, Helped Make Our Restaurants Safe and Compliant

Safe and Compliant Restaurant

We own a small, family-run chain of successful restaurants all around Queensland.  When we opened the first one fifteen years ago, the safety standards were very different to how they are today and we really needed the support of the knowledgeable professionals of a well reputed anti slip floor company in Queensland to bring us back up to date and compliant to the Australian safety laws and regulations.


Safety First

As a professional business, the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers had always been at the forefront of our minds and as each new restaurant opened we were always careful to make sure that we chose appropriate flooring for the different areas of the buildings we were in, or else we looked at ways to enhance the safety of the current flooring already in place.

The Realisation!

In spite of this and our on-going care to try to keep up to date with all of the Occupational Health and Safety measures required for a business such as ours, we had an unfortunate incident a couple of years back when one of our staff members slipped in the kitchen.  Thankfully they were not badly injured but it made us realise that even though the floors had all been treated when we first moved into each building, (where appropriate), the treatment itself would not last forever.

This had not occurred to us!  We believed it to be a one-time requirement, but after this scare, we began quickly searching for an anti slip floor company in Queensland to give us some help and advice.

Getting Up To Date And Compliant

The Floor Doctor came up in our research for an anti slip floor company in Queensland and we were pleased to see that, as part of their commercial services they would come to each of our sites and assess the floor safety requirements which were needed to help us remain compliant with OH&S and Australian standards.

Since then, with their advice and on-going regular maintenance of all of our floors over the past couple of years, we have dramatically reduced the risk of future accidents for both staff and customers and they have also ensured that we are compliant to the law.

Compliant, Not Complacent

We are so thankful to this brilliant anti slip floor company in Queensland for keeping our family run restaurants safe and secure for everyone through being a part of their on-going Maintenance Programme.  This provides us with their professional advice as well as the required regular maintenance we need which would be so easy to forget or overlook in the hectic world of restaurant ownership.

It was a real eye-opener the day we realised that our floors hadn’t been as safe as we thought, and it is a real weight off our minds to know that all of our restaurants are safe and compliant all year round.

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